Indisputably, the nature of this initiative is 100% for public interests, full stop. If it is not 100%, it is definitely not 90%, which is self-deceptive, actually it is ZERO.

Legal Name

Legal Name of the Foundation: Foundation Mindiverse, Stichting

Other names: Mindiverse, Mindiverse Foundation

RSIN:862224123 KVK number: 81799802


Tel: 0649409023


Objective and Mission

Dutch: De stichting is opgericht om mensen van alle rangen en standen de aard van de geest en de structuur van het ego te helpen begrijpen, te helpen om helderheid over het leven te verkrijgen en om zichzelf hierbij te transformeren. Hiermee wordt een harmonieuze samenleving gecreëerd.

English: The foundation was established to help people of all walks of life, via meditation, understand the nature of the mind and the structure of the self in order to get clarity about life and to transform themselves, creating a harmonious society.

Policy Plan (Beleidsplan)

To serve this goal, Mindiverse Foundation has the plans of actions for the year 2021 to 2025.

  1. Meditation teachings, public education and global community. Potential directions can be named as follows:

    • Offer public meditation sessions, retreats, talks and workshops to people in addressing a series of societal challenges like depression, aggression, loneliness, stress and inappropriate and irresponsible behaviours.

    • Work with universities/schools to offer courses/lectures to teach younger generations about the importance of mental and emotional hygiene.

    • Form a community and network to support and connect people to live a simple life together, bridging the gap between individuals and society, effecting social change.

  2. Professional group and the public sector, which have their unique influence on society; potential directions as follows:

    • Provide meditation sessions, workshops, talks to people working in the public field like: hospitals, police stations, academia. Guidance of these professional groups in dealing with the mental challenges and confusion due to their profession and in grasping the nature of mind, help improve the (daily) practices of their profession, which will have positive implications for society.

    • Offer meditation training to the above professional groups in order to benefit the society via their functions.

  3. Donation and fundraising, potential directions as follows:

    • Recruit sponsors and raise funds for the foundation.

    • Collaborate with foundations with similar visions.

    • Expand the volunteer network to help the foundation fulfill its mission.

Click the link below for a full copy of Beleidsplan 2021-2025 for Mindiverse Foundation.

  1. Dutch version: link

  2. English version: link

Board members

The board members are from different countries and culture, but it is the truth of mind that let them meet. Such a composition of the board is helping managing the foundation in a global way, free from the conditions peculiar to one culture.

Chao (Cico) Zhang

Chair of the board, the founder of Mindiverse, Zen teacher, philosopher of human minds, public speaker, a generalist (in mathematics, AI, biology, neural science and philosophy, English & Chinese language, western and eastern realities, human consciousness). He will guide the participants through the meditation session to investigate the mind and get the clarity. He is from China.

Botte Sibbele (Bob) de Boer

Treasurer. A long-time Buddhist meditator, full of passion for life. He has years of experience as a professional accountant. He is taking care of the finance of Mindiverse Foundation. He is from the Netherlands.

Ana Isabel Pais Garcia

Secretary. A long-time meditator and a meditation teacher in MBCT (mindfulness based cognitive therapy). She works and passionately to organize sessions and support the operation of Mindiverse Foundation. She is from Spain.

Remuneration policy (Beloningsbeleid)

Dutch: Leden van het bestuur nemen de rollen aan van manager en beleidsmakers van de stichting. Om die reden zullen de vergoedingen aan de leden beperkt zijn tot terugbetaling van declaraties.

English: Board members are assuming the roles as the manager and policy maker of the foundation, therefore the board members’ reimbursement shall be limited to reimbursements of expenses.

Volunteers: reimbursement shall be limited to expense incurred like public transport cost.

Report of the activities

Foundation Mindiverse, Stichting is founded on 4th February 2021 and the report of the foundation activities for the year 2021 will be available here within 4 months after the end of 2021.

Financial Statement

Foundation Mindiverse, Stichting is founded on 4th February 2021, and the first financial year is the end of 2022; and the financial state will be made available within 6 months after the end of the financial year.

Opening positions

Currently, Mindiverse Foundation has no plan to hire staff, but have positions for volunteers who would like to volunteer their energy to something selfless and beautiful.

More info, please check here.