Help human being find clarity of living, where there is clarity, there is no me, there are no issues at all.


Mindiverse Foundation is to help people from all walks of life inquire into the self, understand existence totally, get clarity about life and eventually transform themselves by living authentically, and only then does a harmonious and peaceful society become possible.

In practice, Mindiverse Foundation is to guarantee that Cico's teaching and sharing, which precisely points to the truth and authentic living, benefits as many people as possible. (Note: teaching here basically means sharing, not imparting "knowledge" from one to another, but rather, pointing out and inquiring together; it is noteworthy that psychologically, knowledge actually blocks one from understanding oneself, though, in other fields, knowledge has its place)

This is achieved by meditation. Meditation here means an objective, philosophical and religious investigation of the mind thorough understanding of the self and an authentic living out of the clarity. In other words, meditation covers the whole field of living, which is in total opposition to the prevalent misunderstanding of meditation as a tool or end. This misunderstanding results from a self-centred and therefore utilitarian view, which are dominant in the age of individualism. Simply speaking, the very individualistic way of living brings about the total misunderstanding, not only about meditation but actually almost everything. Explaining this tricky thing and helping people understand life totally and independently by living authentically is the mission of Cico's teaching and sharing, which takes place in the form of meditation sessions, public talks and online content like videos, articles and podcasts. Mindiverse Foundation is to support all of those activities to benefit as many people as possible.

Clarity means no confusion about life and existence. Clarity is not a concept or idea, but an authentic living. All mental challenges in life and issues in society, the division between individuals and society are the consequence of confusion arising from the self-centred activities, which corresponds to a tremendous amount of unnecessary mental activities for the self-concern. Clarity is to end ego-centric activities.

Where there is clarity, there are no issues at all, which is the foundation of a peaceful, joyful and compassionate life. Such a life is total and not fragmented and divided by thoughts, therefore it is totally free of fear and illusion. Society is a mental construct running in each individual's mind; When clarity reaches more individuals, society will change fundamentally really for the better.

Clarity only comes into being when the mind is free of its egocentric divisive consciousness activities, never conforms to any authority, which means the mind stands alone, inquires with humility and freedom and rejects any self-deception -- all of those are part of an actual living; Cico's teaching and sharing are to instil the sense of oneness and mental independence by inquiring into the self and finding out how to live authentically together with the participants of the activities.

A compassionate world has no confusion

"Me is the world, the world is me." is a statement that is totally devoid of counterargument. The world is full of confusion due to all kinds of self-centred activities, and human beings are totally lost in such a confusing living. In that very confusion, everything is drifting apart due to self-concern. Each individual is pursuing its pleasure, its own petty interest, being trapped by its own issues, illusions, challenges and problems.

Such a life is a battlefield, which is the source of all violence. Such a society is permissive and egocentric, where all kinds of issues and conflicts abound; what has happened and is happening repeatedly points out that the external solutions haven't solved any of these issues at all and they won't. The real solution never lies outwardly, the root is from the inner. When one individual transforms oneself, that is to end the self-centred activities, then the society will go through a fundamental change, which cannot be brought about merely by any activism. The change must start from within -- the mind. Mindiverse Foundation aims at helping each human being get clarity about life, eventually effecting a real change of the world.

What does clarity mean to one in the actual life?

Mindiverse Foundation aims at helping everyone get clarity about life, clarity means by the very limited description (the description is not the described):

  1. A life without fear -- fear exists in all forms of mental challenges.

  2. A harmonious and peaceful life.

  3. A compassionate life, with care; connecting with nature; free of self-concern.

  4. A life full of action, free of inertia.

  5. A total life that understands the illness, pain and all life situations.

  6. An authentic living that is unshakable and immovable.

What does Mindiverse Foundation do to help people get clarity?

Mindiverse is globally offering free meditation sessions, public talks, dialogue, education, teaching, workshops, online content, and other diverse activities to facilitate people inquire into the self independently to understand themselves deeply and therefore transform themselves for peace, joy and clarity. With this clarity, one will know how to live a simple and beautiful life in this world.

Mindiverse to share the deep insight of mind with public sectors, professional groups, people from all walks of life to totally understand all kinds of tricky issues, contributing to a peaceful and compassionate society.

More information about Mindiverse activities, check out the Activities page.

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Mindiverse connects all authentic beings

Mindiverse functions as a foundation in the society to actually support Cico's teaching and sharing benefits as many people as possible. Besides that, Mindiverse exists as a nexus of all authentic beings. "Mindiverse" and "Cico" are both labels, which can easily lead to a sense of division of organization and individual, actually, Mindiverse and Cico are one, just like Jiddu Krishnamurti and Cico are one, all authentic beings are one. In oneness, each part functions in the right place.

Mindiverse will help bring about a global community where people are mentally independent and supporting each other without the borders of culture, nationalities or languages. Such a community is not based on some interest, ideas or thoughts, but based on humanity. People in this community are doing very different things, living a very different life outwardly, but inwardly, they all live with clarity, live in truth, live a simple and beautiful life, totally harmonious with nature.

The community is not a tribe or a club or a shelter, but a synonym of people who live authentically without attachment, and such a living is a connection, not necessarily via the consciousness activities, where corruption are inevitably taking place.

Meditation in a nutshell

Meditation means authentic living via self-inquiry, which is an objective, philosophical and religious investigation of the mind. Such self-inquiry is total and free of any fragments created by thoughts.

Objective: the mind has to be observed in an objective way, which can only take place via proper perception and awareness; this is the most scientific thing ever.

Philosophical: the insight into the mind can be derived from direct perception and reasoning, which must agree with the dynamics of neurons.

Religious: self-inquiry is full of awe towards the inner order of living, which is beyond the consciousness. Such an inquiry belongs to no religion, but such a life is truly religious life.

Science, philosophy and religion are all fragments of thoughts, but being scientific, philosophical and religious is one, beyond any fragments of thoughts, which points to a total living.

This careful investigation of the mind is also the actual living in truth, or else a mere intellectual investigation has no meaning, it is the actual living that brings about the transformation.

Understand oneself through mirrors or reflections, that is, through all kinds of relations in life. Mind is like water, if the water is turbulent, one would not see oneself clearly through reflection; if water is still, everything is becoming so obvious, and this whole process is meditation.