Human consciousness is in disorder, and the “me” is the essence of disorder. The mind is trapped in various images, through which the mind distorts everything. Such a state of mind is isolated, confused, and in conflict, manifested in endless mental challenges and societal problems. Where there is "me", clarity is not. Where there is clarity, issues are not. Only a mind capable of seeing things as they are without any distortion can come upon clarity, which demands diligence and tremendous observation, freeing the mind from the known. Mindiverse Foundation facilitates human beings to understand themselves, transform themselves, and live a sane and healthy life in a degenerate world.

What does Mindiverse do?

True Meditation

Mindiverse facilitates serious ones to understand themselves completely and transform themselves, which embodies true meditation.

Real Solution

What matters is seeing the actual issue without being deceived by the superficial phenomenon, which demands energy that is easily dissipated by endless immediate issues.

Authentic Living

Truth is anonymous, and authenticity is only in the unknown – a state of mind that is not trapped in any mental images. An authentic life is free of all conflicts and free.

and more, which are beyond the words. 

About Mindiverse Foundation

Mindiverse Foundation is a registered charity in Amsterdam to support Cico's teaching, which is also his selfless living, to facilitate human beings to transform themselves and live a sane, meaningful, and compassionate life in a chaotic world.