"Me is the world, the world is me." The whole world is confused and in disorder due to the self-centered activities. All mental challenges, disorder and societal issues are the consequence of this great confusion. Where there is "me", clarity is not. Where there is clarity, issues are not. Clarity about life and existence is the foundation for a peaceful, joyful and compassionate life, without illusion, without fear. This entails an objective, philosophical and religious -- total investigation of the mind to understand the self thoroughly in the actual living, and in that understanding, the self ends. This journey is true meditation. Mindiverse Foundation aims at bringing clarity to human beings via true meditation, effecting a real change of the world.

What does Mindiverse Foundation do?


Offer meditation sessions, public talks, real education, online content to guide people to turn inward, understand the self thoroughly and get the clarity about life and existence.


Share the insight of the nature of mind with public sectors and professional groups to find solutions to many tricky issues, contributing to a peaceful and compassionate society.


Form a global community to practically support avid individuals's inner growth and awakening, to amass resources to do something meaningful to the world together.

and more, which are beyond the words.

About Mindiverse Foundation

Mindiverse Foundation is a global nonprofit organization in helping people get the clarity about life and existence, as a fundamental way to solve all human issues, from individual to the societal ones. This is being achieved by meditation, that is to observe the mind objectively without being affected by thoughts and illusions. Because the mind is the center of all human activities and issues, what Mindiverse is focusing on is total and multifaceted, not fragmented by thoughts. This totality provides the solutions to all human issues, which are actually the consequence of the fragmented thinking. The foundation is active both in English and Chinese world, supported by volunteers all over the world.