Mindiverse is offering diverse activities in English and Chinese and content to help people mediate, understand themselves and get the clarity, which is the key to all life challenges.

Public talks on life and meditation

For more information about the public talks, please check out here.

The first round of public talks took place between September 9 - October 7 2022; playback is available here.

More rounds are coming, but Mindiverse needs more help out of goodness to reduce the efforts in organizing offline sessions for more human beings.

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Live Meditation Session

Online sessions or public talks.

It is free and open to donations.

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Content of the session in texts, audio and video:

Meditation Audio Guides

Free audio guides and clear technique explanation to help you practice meditation better and avoid falling into the common pitfalls.

Online content and social networks

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Course: meditation for clarity

An open course to guide you to get on with meditation as a life and effect the change of the mind. This course combines the live sessions and daily practice (of the participant's volition and devotion, that's very important.). The course is free and open-donations.

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Podcast: Mindiverse Awakening Talk

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