Mindiverse Foundation 

Mindiverse Foundation is a global charity to facilitate each human being inquiring into the self and get clarity. 

The legal entity was established on February 4 2021, registered as "Foundation Mindiverse, Stichting" in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. KVK number 81799802, RSIN 862224123. 

The legal entity is to support and protect Cico's teaching and living in this monstrous society that can easily devour any goodness. 

Before its legal establishment, Mindiverse has been running as a non-profit initiative since Dec 2018, offering free English offline meditation sessions in Amsterdam and free podcast and video content in English and Chinese. As a foundation now, Mindiverse will continue supporting Cico's teaching and sharing globally to benefit as many people as possible. 


The functioning of the Mindiverse Foundation needs abundant energy that is not wasted on egocentric activities; the legal entity is to protect Cico's teaching, which is also his living in this monstrous society. The actual activities are carried out by Cico. The foundation functions onup Cico's total integrity.

Cico C. Zhang

He embodies the activities of the Mindiverse Foundation. The Teachings about the essence of living via sessions, public talks, responsible for digital techniques, and daily management of the foundation.

Joyce H. Liu

Content producer, responsible for editing, producing and publishing content; responsible for media contact and event organization; responsible for daily management and support of the foundation.

Board members

The board exists to support the foundation as a legal entity to support and protect Cico's teaching. It is to protect and facilitate goodness; the function of it is "not sabotaging goodness". The board is not a group or tribe.


Chair of the board, the founder of Mindiverse.

Botte Sibbele (Bob) de Boer

Treasurer. He is from the Netherlands. (Volunteer)

Ana Isabel Pais Garcia

Secretary. She is from Spain. (Volunteer)



Mindiverse Foundation is not an organization as a cover-up for egoism

It is essential to make it clear that Mindiverse Foundation is not an organization (or a group or a tribe) that is divorced from individuals. Due to the prevalent division between organization and individuals, organization becomes a cover-up for egoism, but actually organization is still an ego thing, because it is operated by people who are egocentric and self-centered; such a division is merely a cunning self-deception, which is rampant all through the world. People takes shelter in organizations, either pursuing high ranks or seeking to be taken care of; that sick dependence is the continuation of the corruption, as it is taking place in every organization. 

Mindiverse Foundation does not operate in that deceptive way, but stays authentic, which means the organization and individuals are one, as long as the individual is living in a selfless way, the organization functions healthily without corruption. Corruptions arises from the selfishness and self-interest. That's why Mindiverse Foundation can function 100% for public interests -- humanity, which is self-evident.

If the individuals are selfish, the corresponding organization that claims to be for public interests must be self-deceptive, even if it has been recognized by another authority.