Volunteer your time and consume your energy to help bring clarity to more people.

Mindiverse is looking for volunteers all over the world to support the foundation to full its mission to bring clarity to human beings. If you want to volunteer your time to this and regard this as a meditation practice, welcome to reach Mindiverse Foundation for the possibilities and opportunities. (via hello # mindiverse.org (replace # with @))

Everything is open and everyone is free and independent, if the mind is free, so we can truly collaborate and take actions, which is extremely rare in a society full of mutual exploitation. To do this properly is an exceptional meditation practice. Mindiverse is happy to create such a pure atmosphere for all participants, where we do things and observe ourselves, putting meditation really into life.

Here list a few possible directions to consider and you are free to suggest your idea or project.

(All the directions are not separate from each other, multiple people can work on one direction, or one can combine multiple directions to figure out something concrete to work on)

Last updated on August 8 2021

Recruitment (Volunteer job)

The timeless content created by the foundation needs to be captured as video and audio, in order that attendees can easily watch or replay the content for a deeper understanding.

The foundation is looking for passionate volunteers who have a good knowledge of professional video shooting or are eager to learn and experiment new techniques to help digitalize the timeless content.