"Me is the world, the world is me." The whole world is confused and in disorder due to the self-centered activities. All mental challenges, disorder and societal issues are the consequence of this great confusion. Where there is "me", clarity is not. Where there is clarity, issues are not. Clarity about life and existence is the foundation for a meaningful, joyful and compassionate life, without illusion, without fear. This entails an objective, philosophical and religious -- total investigation of the mind to understand the self thoroughly in the authentic living, and in that understanding, the self ends. This journey is true meditation. Mindiverse Foundation aims at bringing clarity to human beings via true meditation, effecting a real change of the world.

What does Mindiverse Foundation do?

True Meditation

Offer meditation sessions, public talks, real education, online content to guide people to turn inward, understand the self thoroughly and get the clarity about life and existence.

Real Solution

The insight into the mind places the focus on the great issues without being trapped In the response to the immediate. The real solutions come from the totality.

Authentic living

Connect human beings via the truth of living, not via ideologies and beliefs, which only divides human beings. A total human being is living authentically and harmoniously.

and more, which are beyond the words.

About Mindiverse Foundation

Mindiverse Foundation is a global nonprofit organization to support Cico's teaching, which is also his living, to facilitate human beings to get clarity and transform themselves. A total life transformation fundamentally solves all human issues, from individual to societal ones.

Authentic living, which embodies clarity and transformation is meditation, where the mind is observing and learning objectively without being distorted by thoughts and illusions. Where there is the self, clarity is not. The self-centered living is hypocritical and full of contradictions, bringing about numerous issues and suffering. To end the self is to live authentically, and Mindiverse facilitates each earnest human being to come upon the nonverbal things that do exist -- truth.