Human consciousness is in disorder, and the “me” is the essence of disorder, which is manifested in every inch of society. The mind is trapped in various images, through which the mind distorts everything. Such a state of mind is isolated, confused, and in conflict, manifested in endless mental challenges and societal problems. Where there is "me", clarity is not. Where there is clarity, issues are not. Only a mind capable of seeing things as they are without any distortion can come upon clarity, which demands diligence and tremendous observation, freeing the mind from the known. Mindiverse Foundation supports and safeguards Cico's living and teaching, which facilitates human beings to understand themselves, transform themselves, and live a sane and healthy life in a degenerate world.

About Cico - Chonghe Zhang

Cico (Chonghe Zhang) in 2022

A human being, not an individual

Cico was born in March 1986 in China. In 2014, he moved to Amsterdam superficially for the purpose of doing a PhD, but deeply out of disillusionment with the environment in China and curiosity for the Western world. However, after moving to Amsterdam, curiosity soon turned into a stark reality: egoism, individualism, tribalism, and commercialism, with their utter verbalness, high-profile self-expressions, blatant nonsense, and pettiness in the Western world, keep shocking him. 

The deep clash with both the Chinese and Western realities with their irreconcilable contradiction, the narrow and questionable focus in each scientific field he witnessed, and the deep sense of horror for the pervading atmosphere of artificiality and mechanicality in the human world cornered him to inquire into himself deeply and completely. His consciousness went through a mutation, and a simple fact was revealed to him: the self, the “me”, the ego is the root cause of all human issues and man-made disasters; the self, with its numerous destructive patterns, is a physical danger that the vast majority of people fail to see due to their deep-seated self-centered living.

In the face of this physical danger all over the place, he has no choice but to live what he comes upon by being a light to himself. The gathered energy, which is passion and compassion, let him start the lifetime journey of teaching and sharing (in both English and Chinese) to facilitate human beings to observe themselves completely and see the light. He sees that he cannot change anyone but only facilitates anyone eager to transform themselves completely. His activities have been wrapped up under “Mindiverse” since 2018. It became a charity in Amsterdam in 2021, which Cico and his collaborator Joyce Liu have been taking care of.

Highlights & Recent Update

Book: Tao Te Ching — Laozi Speaks English

This is not merely an English translation of Tao Te Ching but rather an English presentation of the original meaning of Laozi (pronounced as /lɑʊzɪ/), which is the natural perception that is not tainted by any thinking framework. The author of this book, Chonghe Zhang (pronounced as /tʃəʊnhə/ /dʒɑŋ/), teaches what he lives and lives what he teaches. He speaks Chinese and English, profoundly understands the Eastern and Western realities, and shares the same perception with Laozi. This book is the result and continuation of the unspeakable unity.

This book facilitates anyone serious and earnest to come upon that natural perception, which is the foundation of all human relationships and connections. Without it, the world becomes twisted, degenerate, insane, and absurd, full of suffering, as has been taking place almost everywhere.

Those statements made in this introduction cannot possibly and won’t convince you of the tremendous value of this book unless you give your heart to read it and find out the inarguable thing for yourself. This demands tremendous observation, care, and full attention, which are rare in a world dominated by the argumentative, speculative, and trivial mind.

For a copy of the preface of the book, please click the cover photo to download.

The book is available on Amazon

The cover of the book, published in Oct 2023

Meditation and self-inquiry sessions 

In those serious sessions, Cico speaks what the mind observes directly and goes with the attendees into various fundamental questions, which facilitates the mind to observe itself and see the light.

Besides the sessions, there are deep conversations and other humble atmospheres that facilitate earnest ones to transform oneself completely.

Unfortunately, to let those pure events take place demands much effort in an immoral society that emphasizes individualism and denies goodness in every way. Goodness is against the will of the ego. Mindiverse is open to collaboration with anyone living in goodness to help the pure events take place, from funding and venue to organizing.