Volunteer your time and consume your energy to help bring clarity to more people.

Mindiverse is looking for volunteers all over the world to support the foundation to full its mission to bring clarity to human beings. If you want to volunteer your time to this and regard this as a meditation practice, welcome to reach Mindiverse Foundation for the possibilities and opportunities. (via hello # mindiverse.org (replace # with @))

Everything is open and everyone is free and independent, if the mind is free, so we can truly collaborate and take actions, which is extremely rare in a society full of mutual exploitation. To do this properly is an exceptional meditation practice. Mindiverse is happy to create such a pure atmosphere for all participants, where we do things and observe ourselves, putting meditation really into life.

Here list a few possible directions to consider and you are free to suggest your idea or project.

(All the directions are not separate from each other, multiple people can work on one direction, or one can combine multiple directions to figure out something concrete to work on)

Last updated on March 4 2021

Reach more audiences

Most people don't realize what they really need is clarity, they think they only need pleasure, all kinds of things that are merely contributing to the fleeting pleasure. Where there is self, there is only pleasure seeking, which inevitably brings about pain and violence. Convey clarity to others is a tricky business, because the existence of the self can be a blockage.

How can Mindiverse reach more people? Reach specific groups of people? How can we connect all of us to bring about an authentic community for inner exploration and living a simple, diverse and beautiful life? This community is not based on some specific interest, but on humanity and truth of mind. In real life, people can do very different things for a living, but inwardly, we are all connected by truth, not separated by all kinds of self-mischief and illusions. Meditation is a lone journey, and community can bring people together to be alone together.

Concrete things are like, but not limited to these:

  1. Let more people know the live meditation session, like via distributing the leaflet.

  2. Reach specific groups of people that might have a higher chance to be interested in inner exploration.

  3. Find the right audience who are probably are looking for us.

  4. Community management and facilitation.

Social media

Help foundation manage the Mindiverse profile on social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube or Twitter, to make most of these noisy platforms for the proper purpose. People's life is rather chaotic with all kinds of influences from their surroundings, and nowadays much of the ill influence comes from the social media platforms. Can we make most of these platforms to let clarity be spread there?

Event management

Help the foundation disseminate, promote and manage the online events across many platforms like Eventbrite, Facebook, Meetup and more. There are many unknown platforms to explore and try.The purpose is to let the live events reach a larger audience and keep the audience notified of the live events.

IT: websites, apps and so on

Mindiverse is making most of the latest technology to present the true meaning of meditation and make the silence loud. One can help the foundation set up and maintain websites, develop apps and find some technical solutions.

  1. Web development to support Mindiverse website and integration of online donation platforms.

  2. Web development for an open online live streaming platform (people don't have to sign in, everyone can watch the live session).

Other social resources, connections and grants

Mindiverse Foundation strongly relies on donations and people's goodness to survive. One help foundation find these resources, connections, grants that can potentially contribute to the growth foundation.

Concrete things are like, but not limited to, these:

  1. Raise donations.

  2. Glean information on resources, connections, and grants.

  3. Help apply for grants and so on.

Wants to get involved?

If you would like to volunteer some of your time and energy to this selfless initiative, drop an email to hello@mindiverse.foundation.