Help the world live with clarity, where there is clarity, there are no issues mentally.


The mission of Mindiverse Foundation is to help people from all walks of life understand the nature of mind, the structure of the self, get clarity about life and transform themselves, creating a harmonious and peaceful society.

This is achieved via meditation, which is an objective, philosophic and religious investigation of the mind.

Clarity means no confusion about life and existence. All kinds of mental challenges in life and issues in society, the division between individuals and society are the consequence of confusion arising from the self-centered activities. Where there is clarity, there is no ego-centric activities, there are no issues, which lead a peaceful, joyful and compassionate life. Such a life is in totality and not fragmented by thoughts, therefore it has no fear or illusion. When clarity reaches more people, the society will change really for the better.

A compassionate world has no confusion

The world is full of confusion, that is, almost each human being is confused about the life and existence. In that very confusion, everything is drifting apart due to the self-centered activities. Each individual is pursuing its pleasure, its own petty interest, being trapped by its own issues, challenges and problems. Such a life is a battlefield, manifesting all kinds of mental violence. When a society is made up of these individuals, the society is permissive and egocentric, all kinds of societal issues and conflicts are inevitable; what was happening and is happening points out that the external solutions haven't solve any of these issues at all and they won't. The real solution is to clear the confusion individually, to end the self-centered activities, then the society will go through a real change, which cannot be brought about by any activism. The change must start from within -- the mind. Mindiverse Foundation aims at helping each human being get the clarity about life, eventually effecting a real change of the world.

What does clarity mean to everyone?

Mindiverse Foundation aims at helping everyone get clarity about life, clarity means:

  1. Understand oneself thorough, all all life challenges can be solved by oneself.

  2. Find solutions to all mental challenges from work and life, like stress, anxiety, fear, uncertainty, irritation and loneliness, and have a good well-being.

  3. Step out of self-centered activities and together with Mindiverse help more people find peace.

  4. Live a simple, peaceful and joyful life connecting nature, caring about others, the environment, the earth, the creature, which is the beauty and true meaning of living a life.

  5. A peaceful and compassionate society with harmony, where conflicts and issues are becoming less and less.

  6. be able to deal with pain, illness, death and other conditions peacefully and thankfully.

What does Mindiverse Foundation do to help people get clarity?

Mindiverse is globally offering free meditation sessions, public talks, dialogue, education, teaching, workshops, online content, and other diverse activities to help people practice meditation for inner peace, understand themselves, see clearly what is exactly going on in this world, to get the clarity about life. With this clarity, one won't be ill influenced and will know how to solve all kinds of life challenges and live a happy life without stress or fear.

Mindiverse to share the insight of the mind with public sectors, professional groups to find out the solutions to many tricky issues, contributing to a peaceful and compassionate society.

Mindiverse is also globally training and practically supporting meditation teachers and adept practitioners from all walks of life as part of the global community, so they can help more people in their domain or specific communities; we all contribute to a peaceful and harmonious world together.

More information about Mindiverse activities, check out Activities page.

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A global community based on humanity

Mindiverse will help bring about a global community where people are mentally independent and supporting each other without the borders of culture, nationalities or languages. Such a community is not based on some interest, ideas or thoughts, but based on humanity. People in this community are doing very different things, living a very different life outwardly, but inwardly, they all live with clarity, live in truth, live a simple and beautiful life, totally harmonious with nature.

Meditation in a nutshell

Meditation means a scientific, philosophic and religious investigation of the mind, which is also the essence of Zen.

Scientific: the mind has to be observed in an objective way, which can only take place via proper perception and awareness.

Philosophical: the insight into the mind can be derived from the direct observation and logics, which must agree with the dynamics of neurons.

Religious: the exploration is full of awe towards the inner order of the mind, which concurs with cosmic order. Such an exploration belongs to no religion, but such a life is a truly religious life.

This careful investigation of the mind brings about positive change to the mind, keeping the mind out of fear and illusion, therefore clearing the confusion. In other words, this investigation brings about clarity.

More explanation on meditation and its background, check out https://docs.mindiverse.foundation/docs/background/meditation/

More explanation on Zen, check out https://docs.mindiverse.foundation/docs/background/chan/

Understand oneself through mirrors or reflections, that is, through all kinds of relations in life. Mind is like water, if the water is turbulent, one would not see oneself clearly through reflection; if water is still, everything is becoming so obvious, and this whole process is meditation.