Mindiverse Foundation

Mindiverse Foundation is a global organization on meditation and inner clarity.

The legal entity was established on February 4 2021, registered as "Foundation Mindiverse, Stichting" in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. KVK number 81799802, RSIN 862224123.

Before establishment, Mindiverse has been running as a non-profit initiative since Dec 2018, offering free English offline meditation sessions in Amsterdam and free podcast and video content in English and Chinese. As a foundation now, Mindiverse will continue its activities globally, helping bring inner peace and clarity to and connect human beings.

Board members

The board members are from different countries and culture, but it is the truth of mind that let them meet. Such a composition of the board is helping managing the foundation in a global way, free from the conditions peculiar to one culture.

Chao (Cico) Zhang

Chair of the board, the founder of Mindiverse, Zen teacher, philosopher of human minds, public speaker, a generalist (in mathematics, AI, biology, neural science and philosophy, English & Chinese language, western and eastern realities, human consciousness). He will guide the participants through the meditation session to investigate the mind and get the clarity. He is from China.

Botte Sibbele (Bob) de Boer

Treasurer. A long-time Buddhist meditator, full of passion for life. He works voluntarily to help take care of the finance of Mindiverse Foundation. He is from the Netherlands.

Ana Isabel Pais Garcia

Secretary. A long-time meditator and a meditation teacher in MBCT (mindfulness based cognitive therapy). She works and passionately to organize sessions and support the operation of Mindiverse Foundation. She is from Spain.

Remuneration policy

Dutch: Leden van het bestuur nemen de rollen aan van manager en beleidsmakers van de stichting.

Om die reden zullen de vergoedingen aan de leden beperkt zijn tot terugbetaling van declaraties.

English: Board members are assuming the roles as the manager and policy maker of the foundation, therefore the board members’ reimbursement shall be limited to reimbursements of expenses.

Organizational information

More details about the foundation can be found at https://docs.mindiverse.foundation

Contact Mindiverse

For connection, collaboration, donation or anything, please email hello # mindiverse.foundation (replace # with @)